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Add, Remove, Duplicate Steps

The Supademo editor supports keyboard shortcuts like Command+X, Command+C and Command+V.

Add steps

You can add multiple steps a Supademo through two methods:

Screenshot uploads

Simply click "Upload" from the edit screen of a Supademo and select multiple screenshots you would like to upload to a Supademo.
The selected screenshots will be uploaded at the current selected position. You can use the scrolling side navigation to select the upload position.

Upload from media library

Quickly add screenshots from your last 50 captured slides by clicking the Media button from the Supademo edit toolbar.

Duplicate step

Quickly duplicate an existing step by clicking the copy icon for a specific slide in the side navigation of the edit screen.

Merge Supademo

You can merge two Supademos by selecting them from your workspace, clicking "Merge". A new Supademo will be created without overwriting the other Supademos.

Delete Steps

To delete unnecessary steps from your Supademo, simply delete a slide by clicking the trash can button for a specific slide on the side navigation. To delete multiple steps, simply select the desired slides from the side navigation, and click and click Delete.